Individual Coaching

Would you like to work with me one-to-one via phone coaching? 

How you think and how you feel are two major factors that will determine the results you get. I will coach you and help you clarify goals and action plans, focusing you on emotions that allow you to move forward faster. You want to work with me if you feel overwhelmed, confused, or unfocused in a goal area. Some areas that I can coach you on include:

  • Making it through a tough business or career transition

  • Increasing clarity and motivation to learn a valuable skill

  • Practicing and improving a crucial meeting, interview or presentation

  • Sales and leadership advise/perspective for entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals

How you overcome these challenges will determine your quality of life. Wouldn’t it make sense to spend some time, money, and effort to stack the odds in your favor? 


I ONLY coach people who pay for this service using their OWN funds. Explore this option by contacting me through (0918) 9274882 or


Client Feedback for Individual Coaching: 

“The coaching sessions have enabled me to achieve immediate and significant results. What I like about the sessions is that they are short but are structured in a way that they are very effective. You come out of the sessions with a clear sense of what you need to do to get to your goals. I definitely recommend this training to executives or business owners who want to jump to the next level of performance.” 

Jay Chavez, AVP for Supply Chain Management, Ionics EMS 

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