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I first experienced impactful leadership coaching as a client, while struggling to grow my start-up retail service business together with my team of branch supervisors and managers. Our coaches helped us to formulate goals, develop deep insights and encouraged follow-up action that allowed us to build a thriving business with over a dozen branches and over a hundred associates.  During this period, I realized the importance of having a growth-oriented leadership team I could count on.


This positive experience led to my personal interest in helping organizations improve their leadership teams, this time as a coach. I work especially well with small and medium-sized businesses, who often have leadership teams that have been promoted from within.


Challenges that business owners, managers, and supervisors often deal with:

  • Declining personal motivation especially after a series of setbacks, or boredom with routine. Often this shows up as a lack of initiative

  • Few improvement projects are initiated, and there is a heavy reliance on a crisis to spur new actions

  • A lack of team spirit and identity, which results in low engagement and, at worst, causes good people to leave.

  • Poor verbal skills crop up in crucial interactions such as facilitating meetings, giving clear directions, updating management, and providing feedback to team members.

  • Inadequate coaching and mentoring skills especially with new hires, resulting in the slow development of people and stagnant results.



To address these issues, I offer High-Impact Leadership Programs


The Business Leap Coaching Program 

This Coach Leon Signature Program is for hands-on business owners who want to empower their managers and supervisors to initiate and execute impactful projects within their departments. Clients who qualify for this program experience a relatively quick return on their training investment, whilst transforming the mindset and behaviors of their leaders. Clients from different industries have benefited from this program, including Pueblo de Panay (real estate developer), Hizon’s Catering Services, Golden Great Value Properties (mall operator), and Krypton Sales and Services (mining equipment and supplies). 


Client Feedback 

“Everything has been an eye opener for me. I realized that I still have a lot to learn and I’m very thankful that I am able to attend this training. I am amazed at Coach Leon’s energy in sharing with us his experiences. I am excited to share my knowledge with my team.”
Gierlyn Uy, Sales Supervisor, Hizon’s Catering Services


“I like the framework of the program, the progressive learning activities, and the learn-and-apply method which was demonstrated through assignments, professional goals, and energizing goal projects.”
Marie B. Ampo, Team Leader, Krypton International Resources Sales & Services, Inc.


“This program helped me to develop my leadership traits. It enhanced my ability to manage people, develop my self-confidence, and to stand out and be one of the best leaders. It helped me go beyond my comfort zone.”
J.C. Baniaga, Venue Supervisor, Hizon’s Catering Services

Pitch Savvy: Script & Deliver Persuasive Presentations!

To be a successful presenter, you need to be able to capture your audience and take them on the journey with you by using effective delivery. Good information or the best of intentions only gets you halfway there. In this  two-day workshop, your managers and supervisors will practice organizing their thoughts on paper and sharing these ideas more convincingly. Book this in-house workshop to learn presenting from an expressive speaker trained by world-class motivational speakers!

Other Services

I have helped with onboarding newly-promoted supervisors, coaching managers working on challenging projects, and rehearsing important conversations, interviews, and presentations. I can probably help your organization if the areas of improvement you want falls under any of the following categories: Leadership, Sales, or Communication. I have done varied formats such as phone coaching, short speeches, one-day customized workshops, as well as two-month coaching programs in these areas.s My engagements have been for as few as one (i.e. phone coaching), to as large as an audience of five hundred.  

Get to your next level of leadership performance!


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