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To improve their game, world-class athletes get qualified coaches and embark on a continuous program of training and self-analysis to create habits of excellence. Similarly, I help sales representatives by providing guidance, support, accountability and encouragement as a coach via sales programs focused on developing specific competencies. I have worked with individuals and groups as large as 300.   

Issues sales professionals struggle with:

  • Call-reluctance as evidenced by low activity levels in terms of client meetings.

  • Low prospect involvement in the diagnosis stage due to poor rapport skills.

  • Low closing rates due to poorly organized sales presentations, or a lack of presence, persuasiveness and conviction in delivery.

  • An over-reliance on discounting and other costly concessions to close sales.

  • Client sees the sales reps as order-takers as evidenced by low business growth and partnering activities.

To address these challenges, I offer various High-Impact Sales Programs.



Sales Leap Coaching Program

This Signature Group Coaching Program is a game-changer. One-day programs can rarely achieve the behavioral change needed to massively improve sales results, so I developed this multi-session intensive program for teams who seriously want to improve their capability to get new customers. Participants in this program will learn to convert leads into profitable clients, whilst giving less concessions and discounts. This accountability program has led to some clients achieving record business numbers for the month, and eventual increase in the size of their sales team. 

Companies from different industries have benefited from this program, including GraphicStar Imaging Solutions (printing and signages), Oasis Manila (events venue), Krypton Sales and Services (mining equipment and supplies), Winterpine Marketing Corporation (car accessories) and Stratpoint Technologies (enterprise software solutions).

Client Feedback: 

“Coaching with Leon was instrumental to letting me manage our sales team better and reaching our targets. I was able to clarify ideas and set clear action steps.”
Joseph Hizon, General Manager, Hizon’s Catering Services


“Leon helped my team with challenges relating to getting clients to articulate what they want to achieve, and presenting proposals more persuasively. I had engaged his services because we wanted to improve our team’s ability to close more engagements. I had my project managers and even technical architects join, and they really appreciated it for their professional development.”

Mary Rose dela Cruz, CEO, Stratpoint Technologies Inc. 


“Our sales team is more effective and efficient in hitting their targets.  Coach Leon was able to deliver exactly what we need!”
Jimmy Wu, General Manager, GraphicStar Digital Imaging Solutions

Pitch Savvy: Script & Deliver Winning Sales Presentations!  

By the time your sales reps are presenting to a client, numerous prospects have been lost in the earlier stages of selling. This means that each opportunity to present represents a major investment, one that should give a payback.  Sadly, many of these opportunities are wasted in ill-prepared delivery. Book this two-day in-house workshop to improve your team’s persuasion factor in sales presentations.


Other Services

For both individuals and teams I help with sales scripts, and rehearsing critical sales presentations. I can probably help your organization if the areas of improvement you want fall under any of the following categories: Leadership, Sales, or Communication. I have done varied formats such as phone coaching, short speeches, 1-day customized workshops, as well as 2-month coaching programs in these areas. My engagements have been for as few as one (i.e. phone coaching), to as large as an audience of five hundred

Upgrade your selling skills!

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