"I inspire better performance from people who have a selling role by engaging the fire within them. When you're in a sales role, this matters because to be effective, you need to light this spark in other people as well. "

- Coach Leon

Why get a Sales Coach?

To improve their game, world-class athletes get qualified coaches and embark on a continuous program of training and self-analysis to create habits of excellence.


Similarly, I help people with sales roles by providing guidance, support, accountability, and encouragement.

As a coach, I work with:

Business owners with sales teams who are tasked to develop new clients

Individuals like coaches, consultants, service entrepreneurs, and trainers who sell mid-to-high-end offers

Do you struggle with these sales issues?

Call-reluctance as evidenced by very few client meetings.

Low prospect engagement due to poor rapport and consultation skills.

Mediocre closing rates due to poorly organized sales proposals.

Lack of persuasiveness and conviction in delivering sales presentations.

An over-reliance on discounting and other costly concessions to close sales.

Clients see the person selling as an order-taker or commodity supplier

Once closed, the client is not managed well in terms of compliance to agreements and policies.

To address these challenges, I offer customized sales in-person and virtual programs focused on developing specific competencies that result in more new, profitable business.

Some of My Mentors 

Steve Schiffman:

Steve was one of my first mentors when I decided to go into coaching full-time. He has written over 53 books in sales and consulting.  He taught me secrets to sales success from having the right mindset to savvy selling scripts.

Home with Steve Schiffman.jpg
Home with Blair Singer.jpg

Blair Singer:

Blair is another early mentor. He helped me be a more engaging trainer. Blair has trained hundreds of thousands of people around the world on business and personal development skills and techniques necessary to excel as a leader, speaker, and facilitator.

And many more

Other world-class sales and personal development trainers I’ve worked with are: Harv Eker (best-selling author, speaking coach), Barney Wee (NLP trainer), Jane Atkinson (speaking coach), James Leong (NLP trainer), Zoltan Hrotko (speaking coach), Peter Hawe (coaching mentor), Leah Zveglich (coaching mentor),  and Larry Gillman (actor-director, speaking coach)

Upgrade your selling skills!

Client Feedback

“Coaching with Leon was instrumental to letting me manage our sales team better and reaching our targets. I was able to clarify ideas and set clear action steps.”

Joseph Hizon, General Manager, Hizon’s Catering Services