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My qualifications and why hire me as your trainer.

  • Graduated and taught as Adjunct Professor at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM)

  • Over 20 years experience in Corporate Sales and Leadership

  • Experienced business owner who grew a service business from a single employee to over a hundred associates (subsequently franchised and sold this profitable business) 

  • Broad perspective in terms of industries, company size, across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao 

  • Certified Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • Mentored by world-class experts in Sales, Leadership, Coaching and Speaking

  • Helped Philippine top 1000 companies across multiple industries

  • Worked with Fortune 500 companies and major brands like IBM, Kodak and Nabisco

  • Trained participants in over 300 companies

I invest in education and improving myself as a professional and a human being. I have personally spent over P4 million in training programs with world-class mentors and coaches over the last ten years. This additional education has given me a better view of what it takes to transform corporate employees.


My Mentors Are World-Recognized Trainers 

Steve Schiffman:

Steve is “America’s #1 Corporate Sales Trainer” with over 53 books written and 30 years of experience. In his sales training, sales management training programs and executive business coaching courses, he teaches the secrets to sales success from fool-proof cold calling scripts and strategies to the most effective ways of closing the sale.  

Blair Singer:

Blair is a world-renowned speaker and the best-selling author of the Leadership book “Code of Honor”. He has trained hundreds of thousands of people around the world on business and personal development skills and techniques necessary to excel as a leader, speaker, and facilitator.

And many more:

Other world-class sales and personal development trainers I’ve worked with are: Harv Eker (best-selling author, speaking coach), Barney Wee (NLP trainer), Jane Atkinson (speaking coach), James Leong (NLP trainer), Zoltan Hrotko (speaking coach), Peter Hawe (coaching mentor), Leah Zveglich (coaching mentor),  and Larry Gillman (actor-director, speaking coach)

I design and deliver programs for both individuals and companies. I've worked with field sales teams and leadership teams (department managers and supervisors) in different industries including:

  • Services

  • Manufacturing

  • Real Estate

  • Information Technology

  • Industrial Products

  • Catering Services

  • Hotels and Special Venues

  • Retail Products and Services

  • Agricultural Supplies

  • Construction Supplies

  • Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

  • Distribution

  • High-end and high-ticket sales


After working with me, you will see these benefits:

  • Increased productivity and business results

  • Better communication and persuasion skills

  • Improved confidence and higher team morale



My secret sauce as a top trainer:

It’s seldom that the content alone makes a program effective. Information on any topic is widely available on the web. 

Instead of simply providing information to business owners, sales reps, managers and supervisors, I make the training a personally impactful and relevant experience for each participant, invoke their strengths and passions and channel their intrinsic motivations to help them improve. I identify what holds each of your employees back, help them break that barrier and become more productive professionals for the rest of their careers. My deeper approach is the secret sauce that I add to all my programs for organizations like yours.

Some of the methods I use to increase engagement include:

  • Accelerated Learning – I studied under Blair Singer & Harv Eker, avid proponents of this effective methodology

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – I’m internationally-certified as a Master Practitioner

  • Performance Coaching – I am one of the very few Filipinos who have been certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF)



Unlike most trainers who simply focus on competencies, I use these to tap into participants’ motivations and create an environment where your people can be both challenged and supported. 




Let’s talk about better sales and leadership!

I offer free basic consultations. After the consultation, I can give you specific recommendations, and how I can help you moving forward. Let’s talk! To set up a conversation, email me at or call/sms mobile (0918) 9274882

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