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How to Reduce Sales Stress?

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Feeling a bit stressed out by this week’s challenges? Or perhaps, finding it hard to get started on calling your clients or preparing those proposals. I’ve got a quick tip for you!

One of the easiest ways to change how you feel is to simply move your body. Movement changes emotion. Fast! Try this: just clap loudly three times. Feel any different?

When I ask participants in my live workshops to do this, the effect is immediate. The training venue lights up with more vitality.

When we’re stressed, our body has a way of interpreting that stress by pcurling itself in a way that gets us in an even more depressive or anxious mood. Shoulders drooped, head down, shallow breathing. And this affects the way we communicate. It affects how we speak. It lowers our persuasion factor.

When we purposefully move, we can disrupt this process, and change the way we feel. Like a lot of people these days. I work from home. Whenever I feel mentally stuck, I physically move.

One of my favorite ways the past few months has been to grab a water sprayer, walk around the plants and give them a nice little shower. I do this several times a day. I feel refreshed, and so do the plants.

What are you waiting for? Stand up. Stretch. Take a short walk. Or how about five invigorating fist pumps? These movements will get your blood flowing, reduce your stress, and get you restarted towards an amazing day!

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