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Using Sales Scripts

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Do you use scripts when you sell? Or do you believe that scripts make you sound unnatural?

I watched Braveheart recently where Mel Gibson gave a rousing speech to inspire the Scots to fight for their freedom. You may not have watched Braveheart, but I am sure you have felt this transfer of emotion after seeing an awesome movie. That feeling of being inspired or charged with energy after seeing a dramatic movie.

In the middle of a good movie scene, have you ever paused and think,”Ahhh, this is just a movie, I’m watching an actor deliver a set of scripted lines.” Probably not, right? You may have been so moved that even if what you were watching was fictional, the emotions you felt were strong and real.

A professional actor or actress will not get in front of the camera and begin making up their lines. Rather, each line they deliver has been carefully studied, scripted and practiced, so that when they deliver those lines, we are really moved by what they say. In the case of Braveheart, Mel Gibson was on a horse as he delivered his speech. I’m guessing he really needed to master his script so he wouldn’t fall off the saddle.

Based on my experience facilitating workshops, most salespeople don’t use pre-prepared scripts. They tend to rely on whatever comes out of their mouths at the moment of truth. And so in many cases, what comes out doesn’t sound really good as Mel Gibson does in Braveheart.

Think of yourself as a professional business actor. Start using scripts. Plan out what you are going to say, then practice delivering your lines relentlessly. Using carefully worded scripts will separate you from 95% of your competition who are adlibbing their way through their sales presentations.

Instead of than stammering wondering what to say next, you’ll be able to concentrate on the delivery, pacing, and emotion of your voice. You have to remember that selling is a transfer of conviction and enthusiasm, and the best way to do this is to master what you’re going to say. Script it, practice it. And close that sale!

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