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Is the Prospective Customer King?

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Are you ready to go that extra mile to please your prospect to be able to close that sale? In my opinion, it’s not necessarily a good idea to always please your prospects. Sometimes, to win them over, you have to push back.

Generally speaking, in selling, money is hailed as the prize to be won, so we end up treating the prospect who decides whether or not to pay us money as a VIP, someone special who needs to be pleased. It’s as if they are the kings and queens, and we are the peasants begging them for the honor of receiving their business.

If this dynamic is not moderated early on, what happens is that when we do close them, we have a buyer-seller relationship that is very one sided. We’re generally not treated very well, and they ask a lot of concessions. And once that flavor of relationship is established, it’s hard to change.

If they ask for a concession you know is impossible, or something that higher management will not agree to, be upfront and tell them. Nicely of course. If they request impossible discounts during your first call, refocus the conversation on value your offer will provide long-term. In other words, make sure that you’re not so eager to say yes that you sabotage your own interests.

For a lot of sales people, changing this mindset isn’t easy. But if you’re able to, you’ll notice that prospects and clients treat you with more respect. It takes guts to push back, whether you’re redirecting the conversation from price to value, or questioning something they’ve told you. Fearful sales reps often decide to take the easy way out and say nothing. However, this response actually makes you less valuable to your prospects. And if you’re going into a long-term client relationship with them, that’s not good news.

What I recommend is that instead of presenting yourself as that always eager-to-please sales rep who will do anything to close business, present yourself more as an industry or product expert, who is friendly sometimes pushes back. Use your hard-won knowledge and experience to manage prospects so that they turn into clients who show you respect, and give you pleasure to serve long-term.

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